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Who We Are

With leveraged generated from our large member companies, combined with our extensive market knowledge in the indirect space, CoVest provides lasting indirect spend management programs that drive savings and compliance at no cost to you.

About CoVest


CoVest is a Group Purchasing Organization focused on large corporations, founded on partnership, transparency, and providing value-added services. We enable members to realize significant cost savings through the utilization of our supplier agreements that drive down costs for indirect categories by leveraging the collective purchasing power of member companies. CoVest provides best-in-class pricing to our members through these negotiated supplier agreements.

CoVest Member Profile

Whether your company had grown organically or through acquisitions, managing multiple locations, especially for a MRO heavy use company, has its challenges. Challenges CoVest employees have an intimate knowledge of based on our experience and member footprint. Our model, reporting, supplier network and approach are all designed to apply best practices learned through multiple implementations, that ensures a successful contract rollout across all your facilities.




CoVest is seeking large revenue companies only. Seems counter intuitive to the GPO model, right? Where small companies join together to look like a large company. Problem is, to a supplier, they still need to serve all those little companies. The leverage gained is lost when the “cost to serve” factor is applied. The CoVest model aggregates more spend across fewer companies. This creates true leverage, balanced economies of scale and a lower supplier cost to serve ratio. The result is pricing leverage large individual companies cannot reach on their own.



Facing a shrinking budget or staff but also tasked with providing more value? Half way through an extended procurement transformation? Is another version of your ERP system getting installed? Working towards a more centralized managed procurement model? Chances are your team is facing one of these challenges. We know this, as in this environment, companies turn to CoVest to expand their team and assist in turning these challenges into opportunities to grow procurement’s influence



Production Based Industry Focused

Product Based Industry Focused

Industries include: Manufacturing, Food Processing, Automotive, Chemical, Oil and Gas, and more.


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