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  • Leverages: A GPO Member Perspective

    Leverage within a group purchasing organization is meant to benefit all parties, but how specifically is it effecting the members? Members gain from GPO (group purchasing organization) leverage and here's why: 

  • CoVest's 2014 Member Meeting Recap

    Last week, CoVest had its fourth annual member meeting. We were thrilled to host this years meeting in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Other than treating our members to the wonders of Cleveland, the meeting covered a wide range of subjects, ranging from CoVest updates to new supplier advances.

  • Leverages: A GPO Supplier Perspective

    As a verb, to leverage means to gain an advantage through the use of a tool. For example, you can more easily lift a heavy object with a lever than you can lift it unaided. That is what is happening in a group purchasing organization (GPO). A company, that uses a GPO as a tool, can be seen as part of a bigger organization and thus gain better pricings, service and terms than it could have on its own.

  • Global Manufacturers Broad Indirect Focus - A CoVest Case Study

    Mission: Build a new member's first company-wide category contract. The new member is moving from a facility level sourcing focus to a centralized category management approach. They are aiming to decrease the many suppliers they have for each sub-category. 


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