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  • 3rd Quarter Update: CoVest Sourcing Network adds New Members

    CoVest Sourcing Network is proud to announce the addition of five new member companies. 

  • 8 Benefits of Joining a Group Purchasing Organization

    Slower economic times and a more urgent need to manage costs may have you seeking ways to increase savings. A great way to find savings is by looking into a Group Purchasing Organization. GPOs leverage the spend of member companies to achieve price and service levels superior to what individual companies can achieve on their own. Unsure if a GPO is right for you? Check out our 8 benefits of becoming a member.

  • Who is CoVest and What Do We Do?

    When first looking into CoVest, the information you'd find may be a bit overwhelming and even a little intimidating. No worries! After reading this blog, you'll have a better understanding of who our company is and what it is we do.

  • Key Characteristics to Group Purchasing Organizations

    Understanding the basic classification and principals of Group Purchasing Organizations is your first step in evaluating if one can provide value for your organization. Based on your industry, company size, sourcing needs and procurement goals, selecting the best fitting GPO will start you on the path to savings. After all, that is why one joins a GPO, to save time and money.


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